Monday, August 18, 2014

I've seen the lights on (Saks) Fifth Avenue

While the Mall at University Town Center is still much of a construction zone, at least part of it has turned into some nice drive-by entertainment.

Saks Fifth Avenue's building will have a nighttime glow and light show as its building is projected with white, yellow and blue hues. I drove by the site Sunday night and captured it in the video below:

It's a much better sight in person, and the light show won't be relegated to Saks Fifth Avenue. The rest of the mall is expected to have blueish-purple lights beaming through its louvered-glass ceiling.

The flagship store in New York City is known to have 3D Christmas light shows on the exterior of its store. I'd have to wonder if that would be possible here, too.

The lighting, design and glass treatment for the Mall at UTC suddenly makes the area seem much more cosmopolitan.

The mall, and Saks, is expected to open Oct. 16.

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