Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HGTV to chronicle house move of J Dub's Brewery owners

A tasty brew at J Dub's Brewery in Sarasota.
CHARLES SCHELLE/Bradenton Herald
HGTV will chronicle the house hunting of Sarasota's JDub's Brewing Co., on an upcoming episode of "New House, New Life."

Brewery owner Jeremy Joerger was once a federal agent for the Department of Defense and was ready for a move with his wife Kelly and are set to visit Sarasota to pick out an affordable condo and a warehouse for a new home and new business and a new baby. The brewery's taproom opened earlier this year at 1215 Mango Ave., near Ed Smith Stadium, in Sarasota.

The brewery posted a link about the episode on its Facebook page today to let their fans know. The episode is called "Jeremy and Kelly's Florida Brewery."

The show is set to air 5:30 p.m. on April 13 on HGTV. The premise of the show is like other "reality" house hunting shows where a couple pick from three or so choices for their new home. From HGTV:

New House, New Life takes one city-weary couple and shows them how great life could be in a new home surrounded by nature's beauty. On each episode, our city dwellers travel to such stunning locales as the mountains of Colorado, the lakes of Montana, the horse farms of Tennessee, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Napa Valley, Calif., and more. They'll look at three homes and decide if they're ready to "drop out" and live in more tranquil surroundings. Everyone dreams of a new house, but are they ready for a new life?
Keep in mind  house hunting shows on TLC and HGTV have been criticized about augmenting reality. Some who have appeared on the show have blogged that their stories were changed by producers of why they were moving and other house hunting shows have followed couples or people who have already purchased their home and re-enact the house hunting journey without disclosing that to the audience.

Joerger had moved from suburban Washington where I can attest the traffic is enough to drive you to drink. Military records show he worked as a staff sergeant special agent with the Army Criminal Investigations Command.

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