Monday, April 14, 2014

Darwin Brewing hopes to open tasting room while brewery piping installed

It looks like Darwin Brewing Co., wants to open May 12, but a temporary certificate of occupancy could have the bar area ready for the public any day now.

Jason "J.B." Taylor, an architect at Fawley Bryant working on the brewery building, sent an email Wednesday to Jeff Camden, Bradenton building official, saying there was a request for a temporary certificate occupancy to open the tasting room while the brewery's piping is completed.

Installation of the brewery piping will take three to four week and a final inspection is hoped to be done  May 5 for a May 12 opening date, Taylor wrote:
"I would ask that you reconsider allowing a [temporary certificate of occupancy] for the tasting room while the brewery is completed to allow for Darwin's to start to establish their presence in the area. At this time this is the only thing stopping the doors from being opened as Darwin's has their approval from the state for their beer and wine license as well as their federal permits for manufacture and sale.
As the tasting room is now complete and ready for use, it would be in everybody's best interests to get the doors open and allow this burgeoning area to feed off the momentum as started by Motorworks and the continued draw of the Marauders games."
A certificate of occupancy is the final check from the city saying a business can open its doors, having completed all requirements of construction. A temporary certificate can be granted for 30 days ensuring all the required licensing is there and certain improvements will be completed within 30 days, allowing part of the building to be open for business. A 30-day extension to the temporary certificate can also be requested.

The email chiefly covered communication issues about additional work needed for a final inspection of the brewery, as Taylor, a former Bradenton planning commissioner, requested that all the requests and issues be documented in writing after, it appears, some items have been dropped in conversation. (Of note, Taylor abstained from voting on the brewery while serving on the planning commission because he was the architect of record.)

The email also encapsulates the minutia of inner government working and folks trying to open a new type of business, but at least it offers more details for an opening date. Darwin Brewing Co., originally was due to open in March. When I stopped by on March 31, Jorge Rosabal was hoping by late April.

Darwin Brewing Co. is located at 803 17th St. W, across from McKechnie Field. It is owned by chef Darwin Santa Maria, owner and chef of Darwin's on 4th in Sarasota, and includes business partner Matt Cornelius and Rosabal, the head brewer.

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