Friday, November 22, 2013

Top Bradenton, Manatee Job Success Stories of 2013

From left, futurist Jack Uldrich, Bradenton Area EDC President Sharon Hillstrom and EDC Chairman Jack Rice. Photo provided by  Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

The business community turned out Thursday night for the annual Bradenton Area Economic Development update and a night of back patting. There was a lot of well deserved pride in the room.

You've already heard about most of it, too, and probably read the success stories in the Bradenton Herald.

The keynote speaker Jack Uldrich, shown above, gave some simple but powerful advice on business trends: think exponentially. Uldrich, speaking at the event held at the Bradenton Area Convention Center in Palmetto, specializes in forecasting trends, and gives himself the fancy title of futurist. Essentially, when looking at new and emerging technologies, think about and create adaptive uses for your industry to build disruptive technology. For instance, how to use nanotechnology to charge an electric car in minutes.

Here are some of the top stories on bringing jobs to Manatee County this year and those who have managed to think big and bring big jobs with them:

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