Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Planned Country Concert in Manatee Co Would Provide Some Southern Comfort

Country star Gretchen Wilson, seen here in a press photo, performed in Palmetto at the 2012 Desoto Music Fest. Southern Living magazine wants to bring a country star for a concert next year as part of a promotion, but exactly who remains a mystery.

I wasn't as surprised to learn that a country concert is planned for somewhere in Manatee County in 2014, as much as I was that Southern Living would be planning it.

Recently, I reported how the Visitors Bureau is partnering with the lifestyle magazine to do a restaurant week in the Bradenton area in 2014, and that a second component of this partnership could include a country concert. Now the mystery begins of who and where (and a little bit of when).

Bradenton isn't a stranger to up-and-coming country musicians stopping by Joyland like Tate Stevens, the recent 'X-Factor' recently did. Then you have the bigger productions like the DeSoto Seafood Fest, which hosted Uncle Kraker who's trying to mix in country with his rock of late. Plus another venture, the DeSoto Music Fest brought Gretchen Wilson and Love and Theft to the Manatee County Fairgrounds last year, too, in November.

Debbie Meihls, executive manager of the Visitors Bureau, doesn't know who will be coming in as Southern Living will be handling the production. The magazine has hosted a Biscuits and Jams segment online hosting acts like Zac Brown Band, so they aren't dealing with acts trying to be discovered. 

Everything is still up in the air, and there is no way in knowing who will be coming a year out. Tours take time to put together, and have to coincide with album releases and TV show appearances. 

It doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. Who do you want to see come and play a concert in Manatee County? And where would you stage it?

My two votes are Luke Bryan and Kasey Musgraves at either the renovated McKechnie Field or inside the new IMG  multi-purpose stadium that would be completed in time for the concert next year at IMG Academy.

Who would you boot scootin' boogie to?

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